Anushree Shukla

Managing Partner
Ms. Anushree Shukla brings over 15 years of rich and diverse experience to the legal profession, demonstrating proficiency across multiple practice areas. Her expertise spans Human Rights matters, where she advocates for the protection and promotion of fundamental rights and liberties. Additionally, Ms. Shukla possesses extensive experience in Real Estate matters, guiding clients through the complexities of property transactions and disputes. Furthermore, her proficiency in Contract Drafting and Vetting underscores her ability to ensure clarity and enforceability in legal agreements. In Matrimonial matters, Ms. Shukla provides compassionate and strategic counsel to clients navigating the complexities of marriage, separation, and divorce. Notably, Ms. Shukla has authored a book focusing on cruelty against husbands, showcasing her commitment to addressing gender-related legal issues comprehensively. With her diverse skill set and depth of experience, Ms. Anushree Shukla is well-equipped to provide effective legal representation and guidance across a spectrum of legal matters, ensuring the protection of her clients’ rights and interests with diligence and expertise.

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